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IV Nutrient Therapy / Treatment By Marcie Leeds

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Hello! I’m Marcie Leeds MD, welcome to your healthy life! Have you been getting progressively tired and don’t have the energy to do the things that you want to do on a daily basis?

We provide the best IV nutrient therapy that may be able to help you to change your life! Here at healthy life IV we understand IV Nutrition Treatment, hydration and vitamins therapies are key to starting and having a healthy life. As a child, I was an actress in Hollywood for many years, traveling and meeting all walks of life.

After being in Hollywood I decided that I wanted to be able to change the world and help people on a more personal level. I decided to go to medical school and then completed my surgical residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson. After being trained in trauma and general surgery, I understood the importance of being healthy, being able to heal, and having energy to do the things that you want to do every day. That is why I opted for IV nutrient therapy. After being in practice for almost 10 years, I decided I wanted to bring health and education to people in home with my IV nutrition treatment.

The way the world is changing so rapidly and the constant threat of disease and uncertainty, being healthy today is of the utmost importance. Healthy life IV provides choices for improvement in health and well being, and, the best part…..we come to you! In the comfort of your own home. We can help to give you the energy you need to feel your best with our IV hydration therapy. We have a wide array of choices in our menu, please take a look and see what best suits you! If you have any questions please feel free to chat with a specialist! Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to meeting you

Marcie Leeds MD

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